Traditionally, teasing was viewed as a rite of passage, something to ignore until (you hoped) it just went away on its own. But teasing can have damaging and lasting effects on your child, including low self-esteem, chronic stress, anxiety, dislike of school, or even aggressive behavior.

Easing the Teasing empowers children and teens with strategies to manage and overcome these painful incidents. Drawing from more than 20 years of experience as a social worker in suburban Chicago schools, Judy Freedman has created a groundbreaking program to teach children and parents how to deal effectively with teasing and develop life-long coping skills.

The cornerstone of Easing the Teasing is the book by Judy Freedman, which was published by ContemporaryBooks/McGraw-Hill Companies.

In addition to the book, Judy Freedman travels the country presenting Easing the Teasing for school staff development and in-service days, parent organizations and student groups. She has presented her program at notable sessions presented by the National PTA,  the School Social Work Association of America, the Nonverbal Learning Disorder Association Professional Symposium, Ophelia Project National Conference, Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Chapter of the Tourette Syndrome Association.. Judy has also been featured on NBC Nightly News, Fox News Channel and in the Chicago Tribune.

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