Katie's Poem

I Am An Old Tattered Book

I am an old tattered book.
Nobody wants to read me.
My pages are torn, my cover soiled.

I am an old tattered book.
I feel like an old book,
Everybody else points and laughs at me.
I am alone on my own little shelf,
The shelf for books that nobody wants.
I haven't been checked out in years.
There are no other copies of me.

I want to be read.
If people were to just ignore my outside
And explore what Ihave on the inside,
They'd realize what an adventure I have to tell.

I am an old tattered book,
But look inside.
There’s still some magic left.
If you give me a chance,
I can show you the magic that I have inside me.

-Katie, April 2003

Copyright © 2001-10 by Judy Freedman. All rights reserved.