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Judy Freedman provides individual consultation and small-group instruction for children. Classroom instruction is also available. For more information, contact Judy by e-mailing her at

"Ease the Tease"
"Ease the Tease'', based on Judy's Easing the Teasing program, is presented to students by the Imagination Theater. The program, formerly called Sticks and Stones, explores the feelings of individuals being teased, and the responsibility everyone has to treat one another with respect. After learning several coping skills, audience members are invited on stage to practice these new strategies.

Imagination Theater (IT) is a touring, educational theater company founded in 1966 to present participatory theater programs to children, adults, senior citizens and persons with disabilities. ITspecializes in Interactive Programming, Conflict Resolution Substance Abuse Prevention, Decision-Making Skills and Custom-Designed Programming.


From its inception, IT has remained committed to the principles that the creative arts are essential to the full development of the individual, that all people have the ability to express themselves creatively, and that theater has a unique and important capacity to communicate to all people, regardless of age or perceived abilities.


At each step along the way, IT's new and revised programs have been recognized with several awards, including the Governor's Award for the Arts, the Continental Bank Foundation

Community Service Award, the Children's Theater Association Drama for Human Awareness Award, and the Chicago Department on Aging and Disabilities' Critical Difference Award.

For more information, call Imagination Theater at 773-303-0070, or visit its web site at:

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