The Teasing Bird

In November 2005, singer/songwriter Ira Marlowe completed The Teasing Bird and Other Stories, an special album for children. Click here to hear a sample of The Teasing Bird (see lyrics below).

In 2004, playing in a small San Francisco café, Ira was approached by the creative director of The Learning Company and hired on the spot to write a series of songs for TLC's Reader Rabbit series. After finishing these songs (and having an amazing amount of fun in the process) he decided to embark on his own independent release for kids. The Teasing Bird and Other Stories was completed in November 2005.

Last year, Marlowe wrote and starred in How to Write a Song, a one-man multimedia performance about his misadventures in the music business. The show featured songs, monologues and interactive video and ran for five weeks at San Francisco's Off Market Theater. The San Francisco Chronicle called it "hilarious", while the Examiner proclaimed "funny and inspiring."

Prior to that, Marlowe was busy having misadventures in the music business, including three failed record deals, four sleazy managers, and a steady gig strolling between the tables at a Howard Johnson's. He's decided to let it all go and move on.

He lives in San Francisco with his wife Elizabeth and their Cairn Terrier, The Hopelet.

THE TEASING BIRD (Click here to visit Ira's Web site)

The Teasing Bird would fly around
above the playground, shouting down
"You're too fat!" "You're too thin!"
"You talk funny!""What's wrong with your skin?"
The Teasing Bird would flap his wings
while he said the meanest things
"You've got glasses!" "What a big nose!"
"You're not cool!"  "You've got old clothes!"
But all those ugly words he tossed around
Well, they began to slowly weigh him down
The Teasing Bird
made people hurt
made people cry
until the day he found
he could no longer fly
no longer fly
have you ever seen a grown bird cry?
See, the Teasing Bird wasn't very happy
and he thought, maybe if he made other people unhappy
he'd start feeling better
But you know what?  It doesn't work that way
The way to be happy is to make other people happy
And the Teasing Bird?  He just felt worse and worse and worse...
The Teasing Bird had to walk
to that playground, sixteen blocks!
He saw the look in people's eyes
as he prepared to apologize
“I know how awful I must seem
But I thought being unhappy was what made me mean
but it seems being mean is what made me unhappy
what I’m about to say might sound sappy, but…
I'm really sorry for the things I've said
From now on I'll say nicer things instead.”
A happy bird
says happy words
sings happy songs
and all the happy people get to sing along
sing along, sing along, sing along

"You have a great smile!" "You're so nice." 
"You're really strong!"  "Beautiful bike!"
"Pretty shoes!"   "Lovely hair!" 
"Hey, look what's happening!  I'm in the air!"
The Teasing Bird bird flew around
to every playground that he found
"Great catch!"  "Nice throw!" "You sure run fast!"
"Wow, way to go!"
A happy bird
says happy words
sings happy songs
and all the happy people get to sing along
sing along, sing along, sing along

(c) 2006, Ira Marlowe/Slow Reveal Music (BMI)

Copyright © 2001-10 by Judy Freedman. All rights reserved.